Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Generational Diversity - Embrace the Change!

I just read a fantastic article on managing generation diversity at the workplace. As a millennial, especially in management, majority of my peers tend to be from a different generation. The beauty of diversity is that everyone brings something unique to the table and for me, I bring a lot of my "millennialism" which can be a huge source of conflict, especially if I'm in the minority. According to the article, the most common areas of conflict come from the following:
  • Choosing where and when to work
  • Communication among team members
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Accessing information and learning
The best way to handle the conflict is to be first aware there are differences and develop strategies to cope with the differences. Education is key as it increases knowledge and helps eliminates biases and stereotypes. Making gradual changes to accommodate the generation differences will allow both to co-exist. (Yes - Millennials and Baby Boomers can work together!)

In my experience, I seek ways to work with ones that have a harder time adjusting to the Millennial style. Once they understand me and see the throughput I produce at work, the biases and the stereotype slowly disappear. This strengthens our professional relationship and allows us to co-exist. There are some people that have deep rooted biases and takes time and patience to eliminate their perceptions but it is very necessary to keep up the fight and constantly educate.

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